Research, Development and Manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and dosage forms are a highly complex and challenging task. Apart from scientific excellence and interdisciplinary project commitment, knowledge of international regulatory guidelines and practices are key success factors for cost- and time efficient development. These aspects hold true for new medical entities of chemical or biological origin but also govern life cycle management activities.
HILDEBRAND PHARMA CONSULTING offers a broad range of services in the area of pharma research and development including
  • Independent project and product evaluations
  • Scientific support including formulation development, new drug delivery concepts and analytics for small molecules, biologicals and radiopharmaceuticals
  • Qualified Person support
  • Planning and performance of internal and external audits
  • Pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics from research to registration
  • Project management
  • Training and coaching for your people.

Based upon long lasting experience in the international pharma business we like to provide our independent experience in a customer focused approach for your success. 

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