We offer customised training and coaching

Individual concepts will be tailored according to customer needs both in terms of contents and participants. Assessment of successful participation will be provided by different tools on demand.
Based upon industrial and academic teaching a series of educational programs is available, e.g.
  • Drug development (Lean development, Early proof of Concept)
  • Pharmacokinetics, bioavailability and bioequivalence
  • CMC (Formulation innovation, Quality Control, Role and Duty of Qualified Person, etc.)
  • Industrial Pharmacy (Research, Development, Registration, Marketing, Manufacturing, Future Trends)
  • GXPs (GMP, GLP; GCP, etc.)
  • ICH and other guidelines (Quality, Safety, Efficacy, etc.)
  • International Organisation (WHO, FDA, EMEA, PIC, PIC/S, etc.)
  • Inspections and Audits (Preparation, Mock inspections, Findings and Corrective Actions)
  • Special training needs of your company
A close link to experts representing specific disciplines of interest is used to provide valuable training/education events.
Coaching concepts as well as team building masure can be developed based upon experience for all managerial levels.
Please, contact us for detailed information.
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