Some of our publications from different areas of expertise:
Comprehensive Profiling of the Complex Dendrimeric Contrast Agent Gadomer Using a Combined Approach of CE, MS and CE-MS Electrophoresis 28: 3088-3099
Analytics in quality control and in-vivo. In Modern Biopharmaceuticals – Design, Development and Optimization (Ed. Knäblein J.) Vol. 4, Wiley Press, 1557-1579
(Clinical testing of drugs) Klinische Prüfung von Arzneimitteln. In Lehrbuch der Klinischen Pharmazie. 2. Aufl. (Eds. Jaehde, Radziwill, Mühlebach, Schunack) Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Stuttgart, 129-140
Pharmaceutical Quality Control – Today and Tomorrow Business Briefing: Pharmatech 2002, 124-127
Development of a V79 cell line expressing human cytochrome P450 2D6 and its application as a metabolic screening tool Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 3: 31-39
Pharmacokinetics of the novel plasminogen activator desmodus rotundus plasminogen activator in animals and extrapolation to man Fibrinolysis 10 (5/6): 269-276
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