Practical expertise - the key to success

Successful selection and management of pharma projects and products require a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach. The right active pharmaceutical ingredient has to be formulated in a suitable way according to patients' needs. Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, physicochemical properties, clinical and medical facts have to be taken into account and integrated into development programs. International guidelines for quality, efficacy, safety and many other pharma topics are important principles to be considered. Making best use of the therapeutic potential of new products requires an oversight of many indication fields and the specific requirements.
We provide long lasting international experience as key elements of customer focused and target oriented support and advice: 
Therapeutic areas: e.g. oncology, cardiovascular, CNS, gender health, dermatology, diagnostics,...
APIs: e.g. small molecules, antibodies, proteins, gene and cell therapeutics, radiopharmaceuticals
Formulations: e.g. tablet, capsules, liquids, lyophilisates, patches, IUDs, IVRs, therapeutic systems and devices
R&D: pharmacology, pharmacokinetics/-dynamics, clinical development, CMC, GXPs and Regulatory
Please find more details on the following pages for CMC, PK/PD, GXP/ICH, Projects, Training, People and Publications.
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